“Book Reviews” or “Am I writing again?”

Over the past several years I have refrained, for the most part, from spilling my theological guts in the blogosphere. The reason for this threefold: (1) it is partly a conviction that far too much unmeditated gabbing is taking place these days, and this trend is degenerative in terms of spiritual formation and theological education, (2) partly an insecurity about the way in which my ignorance (despite my alleged education) will be exposed when my thoughts and opinions are open for scrutiny – there is something safe about never telling anyone what you think, and (3) partly a result of a lack of time.

However, in light of the fact that I have completed the coursework for my degree and am now at the stage of writing my thesis and studying for comprehensive exams, I figured that it would be beneficial to engage in critical thinking and creative writing by returning to my blog. I also figured  that my conviction with regard to blogging trends would be better observed with efforts to redeem that community via constructive and careful engagement rather than complaining about it as an outsider. Finally, it seems that my insecurity about my potential ignorance is really arrogance (or maybe delusion) that at the end of the day I really know more than everyone else. This arrogance is best submitted to my community of believers by becoming vulnerable enough to expose my thoughts and open myself up to truly being known.

The way forward here, at least in the beginning, is writing book reviews on my readings for my comprehensive exams. I know that such a subject matter will potentially limit my reading audience, but hopefully as the weeks pass those reviews will give way to more approachable content as the writing vein begins to pump more freely and naturally. My goal is not so much to shake this niche of the evangelical world (as some do very well), but simply to get myself writing and thinking again outside of what is required of me from professors.

Of course, I welcome your thoughts and comments along the way. Be patient with me as I figure out how this blogging thing works.

grace and peace,



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